Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shannon Miller's World All-Around Titles

I'm in on a Thursday night, which is sadly becoming a recurring event. This anecdote about my disappointing social life is not just a pity grab. It's about how I came to be watching gymnastics videos from the mid 90s tonight when it dawned on me--both of Shannon Miller's world all-around titles were won at championships that did not feature a team competition.

In recent quads, the year after the Olympics doesn't feature a team competition because many nations experience a loss in depth after a Games with retirements and injuries and with many athletes being age ineligible to compete as senior. (Though in 2001, there was a full worlds. And in 89--one of the best ever.)

So it's not surprising that Miller's first world AA title, which came after her tremendous Olympic success in 1992, happened in the absence of a full team event. But what about 1994? That year something strange happened--there were two separate world championships. The first one was just all-around and apparatus finals in Brisbane, Australia. And the second one was in Dortmund, Germany and it was all about the team. (Can someone please tell me why they split it up that way? I feel like I knew the answer at one point but then I got old and too lazy to google stuff.)

Does it matter that neither of Miller's world titles came while competing at "full" world championships? Do you think the outcomes would've been different if she had to do all-around after two days of team competition?

Okay, back to episodes of Cheers on Netflix. 


presto81 said...

1997 had a full Worlds, too.

presto81 said...

Nope. She qualified to the all-around just fine in 1992, 1995, and 1996. 1995 even when she was not at her peak form.

Dvora Meyers said...

@presto81 My post wasn't about her qualifying to the AA finals. It was about the fact that the two years she won the title, there was no team competition. Hence the title, "Shannon Miller's World All-Around Titles."