Friday, September 6, 2013

Chinese Bars Are Getting Awesome

In the past, I haven't been a fan of the Chinese on the uneven bars. I could recognize their technical mastery--from the myriad of grips to the pencil straight handstands to the complicated pirouettes--but I didn't enjoy watching them on this event. Their swing seem labored, transitions ended in dead hangs and muscled cast to handstands, and the endless parade of turns bored me. I much preferred the style of a Beth Tweddle--dynamic release moves, moving from bar to bar, powerful swing. The Russians also did a pretty good job combining releases, transitions, and release moves with fluid swing.

But perhaps due to changes in CoP, this newish crop of Chinese gymnasts have much better routine composition, more exciting skills, and more dynamic swings.

(h/t Gymnastics Coaching)

Shang Chusong

Huang Huidan

Yao Jinan

She fell in her finals routine on the Mo salto and had some other troubles but this a monster of a routine in terms of difficulty. I hope she gets it under control for Antwerp.

I really do hope that they get these sets consistent by Worlds because they (and the British girls) are doing some of the most exciting bar work right now. The Russians, given what we've seen in 2013, aren't nearly as innovative as the Chinese and Brits. 

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