Saturday, September 7, 2013

Christy Henrich Beam Originality

Christy Henrich's name has become synonymous with eating disorders. The first time I ever heard of her was in the early 90s in conjunction with anorexia and the coaching abuses/excesses of that period. I had never even seen her do gymnastics.

Well, this morning after tumbling a little bit down the YouTube gymnastics hole to watch some 89 Brandy Johnson, I clicked on a suggested video and watched Christy Henrich compete at the 89 world trials on the beam. And I was pleasantly surprised by some charmingly original elements.

In this routine, she does a back handspring to two layout stepouts, but after she lands the last move, she quickly as a half turn and goes right into an immediate gainer back handspring. In terms of difficulty, I'm not sure how much harder the extra turn upon landing makes the series, but it was definitely different.

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Grace said...

Lovely routine! But infinitely depressing to watch...(is that Al Fong WITH HAIR??)