Friday, September 20, 2013

Grand Theft Auto Will Teach You Hebrew Swear Words

You know how when you learn a new language, you learn the curse words first?

Well, the makers of GTA are doing their part to make sure the populace learns some rudimentary Hebrew by naming the hospital "Mount Zonah." "Zonah" translates to "whore" in Hebrew so now users are well on their way to becoming fluent in this Semitic language. It's just like Rosetta Stone!

I can only imagine the type of childlike jokes this name will inspire if users are familiar with the meaning of the word. Not that I'm going to suggest any here--not because I find them offensive but because all the ones I can come up with are far too cheap and easy. 

I guess the "Mount" part is of the hospital name is supposed to be a reference to that famous hospital that also begins in "Mount"--"Mount Sinai." But unlike that famous mountain where rules to live by were handed down, the name of the GTA hospital feels more like a judgement than a proscription for healthy living.


Here's hoping that Mount Zonah offers comprehensive STI screening. 

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