Friday, October 18, 2013

Beth Kline in 1980

I've been watching a lot of old YouTube videos for a new project and have been coming across some pretty great ones that I had never seen before.

Way back in 97, I remember reading a profile on Vanessa Atler just as her star was starting to rise. The article (which was probably in International Gymnast) mentioned her coach's background in the sport, how talented the young Beth Kline was, how her routines were loaded with difficulty for that era. Unfortunately, Beth earned a spot on that doomed 1980 Olympic team that never got a chance to show their stuff on the Olympic stage due to the U.S. boycott.

I always wished I could see Kline-Rybacki's routines but only thought of searching for them on YouTube today. Here's her beam routine from the 1980 Olympic Trials.

You'll notice at :50 she does a headstand-half turn that is very similar to the one that future pupil Atler would do in her beam routine.

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