Friday, November 15, 2013

An Arabian Double Front Is A Forward Pass

File this under: You learn something new every day.

Or: I probably should've known this.

I was procrastinating on a deadline as I do and I decided to watch some of the London WAG Team Finals and as I watching Aly Raisman clinch it for the team, I couldn't help but wonder, Did Aly have a forward somersault? 

A lot of gymnasts do front or side aerials if none of their passes include a front flip. (Hence Larisa Iordache's side aerial at the very end of her floor routine.) And in the London team finals, Aly took out her punch layout front from her first run. Her other passes were a piked double arabian, a triple twist, and double pike. Her score was a 15.3. Clearly, there were no penalties in that mark.

So where was the front somersault?

I know what you're thinking---the double arabians have "front" baked right into the skill's name. But the takeoff is backwards and it comes out of a roundoff back handspring so I wasn't sure.

So I went to the Code expert--Uncle Tim. He looked it up (cause I'm lazy) and confirmed that the arabians were considered "forward/sidewards" skills.

Mystery solved. If it was indeed a mystery to anyone but me.

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