Sunday, December 1, 2013

Missing In Action: The Shushunova on Floor Exercise

I was just watching Oksana Chusovitina's floor exercise performance at this weekend's Mexican Open where she performed a Shushunova at the end of her floor routine when it hit me--where have all the Shushunovas gone?

Not too long ago, gymnasts were collapsing/falling/landing prone in every routine. It also made one think that your torso was just as good to land on as your feet.

Often these jumps were not pretty nor did they fit the tone of the music. But they looked hard and painful and in gymnastics, if you can't make it look beautiful and effortless, you should let everyone know just how hard you're working. That's what this Code of Points is all about, right?

Still, I kind of miss seeing them all of the time, especially when the alternative seems to be that ugly turning switch ring leap. 

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altoclarinets said...

Shushunovas used to (around the 97-00 quad) be really common because they were given a bonus not unlike the leap-out-of-pass one that has led to some questionable composition decisions in more current times. I think for a while they were actually considered to be a quarter salto rather than a type of jump and the result was that they were given value a little higher than they were maybe worth and thus overused. But time marches on and the Code changes and the basic Shush is now considered an A element and with so much focus on difficulty now they're hard to justify. Unless you're Chuso and already doing five leaps/jumps in addition to your four tumling passes anyways... might as well add a sixth.