Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Date Jessie Kahnweiler

For Elle, I had great fun interviewing Jessie Kahnweiler, the mad scientist behind last fall's viral sensation, "Meet My Rapist." Kahnweiler is hilarious and brash--my favorite kind of Jewish woman. In fact, she's the only kind of Jewish woman I know.

This interview with Kahnweiler also marked a first in my journalism career--the first time someone I was interviewing used the toilet while we were speaking. (At least to my knowledge.)

Reader, she washed her hands.

(Check it out here.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Links, Continued

Woman does not live by gymnastics writing alone. In addition to all of the writing I did on the topics of figure skating and gymnastics, I've spent the last few months writing about other topics nears and dear to my heart.

First, there was this profile I wrote about Leah Vincent, a young woman who wrote about the slow and painful process of leaving her ultra-Orthodox community and discovering herself intellectually, creatively, and sexually in the secular world.

I also got the chance to interview Rosie Perez--actress, dancer, author, and Brookyn girl par excellence--at a local haunt in our shared Clinton Hill neighborhood for Elle. To borrow one of her key sayings--God bless America 2x!

Also in the virtual pages of Elle, I penned an open letter to Hannah Horvath of Girls, advising her not to go to grad school for creative writing. (Apparently, she didn't heed my advice. It seems that the show tried to get permission to shoot on the University of Iowa's campus.)

I wrote a couple of pieces examining the dating habits and patterns of Millennials. First, I profiled The Dating Ring, a new dating service that arranges group dates. And then I wrote about how the men of this generation are more likely to move for their female partners' careers. Feminism, yeah!

Speaking of the F-word, I wrote a personal essay about discovering my feminist voice and path out of Orthodox Judaism through repeated viewings of the seminal show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's called "To Be Chosen and Chosen." (I'm very proud of the piece and title.)

And finally, a little bit of satire. In response to all of the discussion of the anti-vaxxers' impact on public health, I imagined a scenario in which the Queen of the Anti-Vaxxers takes her dog to the vet and refuses to let him get shots. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Long Time, No Write

It has been far too long since I updated this site. Apologies for my unforgivable blogging delinquency over the last few months.

But it's not like I haven't been writing. I spent the last few months writing and publishing on a very regular basis. First, there was all of the figure skating at the Winter Olympics. I wrote about the Martha Karolyi-esque selection of Ashley Wagner by U.S. Figure Skating for the Olympics in Sochi for Deadspin. Other stories for Deadspin--an interview with former pairs skater and current writer for The Mindy Project, Chris Schleicher. (If only he did the commentary instead of Scott Hamilton--it would be a helluva lot funnier.) I also tracked the progress of difficulty in jumps and speculated about the "max out" in figure skating difficulty. After another Olympics passed without a U.S. women's singles medal, I analyzed the current state of the sport in the U.S.

I also detailed the way in which figure skating and its summer sister, gymnastics are different from one another despite popular perception for Slate. But despite the differences, both sports have produced the memes of their respective Olympic Games, a phenomenon I wrote about for Elle.

And there was this profile of Jason Brown, the most adorable and likable skater in the U.S.

(Special shout out to Dave Lease at The Skating Lesson for teaching me so much about the sport over the course of a month and a half.)

And now onto the gymnastics articles: There haven't been nearly as many as there have been skating articles since we are in those awkward years between the Olympics but I have put a few out there over the last few months.

First, on the eve of the controversial Olympics in Sochi I wrote about Vera Caslavska and the art of Olympic protest for The Brooklyn Quarterly. After Lloimincia Hall's floor routine went viral, I was interviewed on NPR's All Things Considered about her performance and the world of collegiate gymnastics. I then explored NCAA women's gymnastics further in this article for Medium.

I think this is a pretty complete account of the last few months of sports writing.